Backend Database Developer

In my more nubile days I worked at an older company doing retrofit application development. You know the type of organization. Old blue-chip stock. Lots of money. Deathly afraid of new technologies, especially when it came to databases. I didn’t want to work at a company like this, but I had a lot of student loans from Sarah Lawrence to pay back. I needed the money.

We had just found out that a critical component of our stack was still running Oracle v6. Nobody knows how it happened. Things were always getting kicked down the road and the people that were suppose to remember to upgrade it were long gone.

This presented a problem for my managers because now they needed to find somebody to perform some very specific changes to the backend database system without doing a complete upgrade. We needed a specialist that knew such an old version of the system. It took a long time but they found one. He was expensive and had to be flown in from Lanai. I think they said that it was somewhere in Alabama.

For some reason he insisted on coming in on Saturday. Since I was young and didn’t have a family, I was asked to meet with him and show him how to access the DBMS that he was to work on.

When I met him at the elevator I was immediately struck at how confident and erotic his normal form was. He was tall. I like tall men. He was stringy. I like stringy men. He had a beard that looked like someone pasted on Michael Jackson’s pubes to his face. Ok, so that part wasn’t sexy but his other parts definitely had piqued my interest. I just broke up with my boyfriend and I was looking for love in all the wrong places.

It happened so quickly. Somehow he knew that I was horny and wanted him so badly. I let him into the server room and all I said was “Hi”. He quickly shut and locked the door. Before I could react he picked me up and kissed me hard on the mouth.

The only thing I could say was “Do whatever you want to me!”

We didn’t have a lot of time, and I didn’t want to waste it. As he put my down on the ground, I was stripping as fast as I could. Everything was off in a flash and he was undressed, though left his socks on. I hated that worse than his beard, but he was touching me in the right way that I didn’t mind. We kissed for a bit before I was shoved down to my knees.

I was now face to face with his massive log file. Looking up at him with apprehension, I wrapped my dainty hand around it. I could barely get my fingers around it. It was wide, thick, pulsating, and all mine. Looking once more at him, I took my first taste. At first, pursing my lips over the tip. Letting my tongue tease around the head. Slowly taking more and more in. It was sloppy at first, and I do give good oral. It’s just so big hard to find a technique that worked.

I’m doing my business with my hands gripping his thighs as he groans in pleasure. He’s standing above me, his hands on the back of my head pushing me into him, and me trying not to choke. I continued for ten minutes. Then his phone rang and he answered! Who does this guy think he is? My jaw was hurting.

At this point I have no shame. I don’t care anymore. This man is the one I want. I want him morning, noon, night. Everyday, all day. I’m laying there, pulling at him to mount me. My fingers intertwined in his. Me tugging him down, reminding him, we don’t have a lot of time. We kiss, we lick, we nibble, we bite.

I yelled out, “Oh why did we hire you?!?”

His cold response was, “I am an expert in the backend!”

And with that he entered me. But not the normal way. The other way. It was intense and made me feel full. Like a transaction with 1000 queries. I have never felt that and God I’m loving it. I’m bucking, tossing around like a dog that has been shot. It hurt like hell. I screamed and tears welled in my eyes. After getting used to the feeling, I began to enjoy the pummeling. For a database engineer, he had quite the had control. He knew exactly what he was doing and what he was doing to me. I writhed on the floor, pushed to meet his thrusts and took the plowing that I have never had.

My arms hooked under his, pulling him down on me. Wrapping my legs around him, I let him assault my ruby starfruit. At this point I didn’t care whether we got caught. As he hammered away on me, I felt him tense up and empty every ounce inside me.

And just like that it was over. And damn, I was sore. I thought that we were going to cuddle a bit but he immediately got up. He then picked up his things and started to head back to the elevator. I couldn’t believe that he was just going to leave me like that.

“Wait! Tell me your name!”, I yelled out.

He looked back at me right before the elevator door closed and said “They call me Larry.”