On-Site Service Call

I was recently in the process of migrating my production database to Exadata – new SSDs, more RAM, the works. It was a Saturday morning and I was up early at the colo, waiting for the Oracle sales engineer to arrive. I was sipping my morning tea when there was a knock at the door. I opened it to find an attractive man, seriously muscular, and in his late 60s. He was wearing tight-fitting, silk suit. I knew right away that this wasn’t your typical sales engineer. I greeted him warmly and admired his firm buttocks as I followed him back to the cage room.

He said his name was Lawrence, but asked that I call him Larry.

He had a certain air of masculinity that I found intriguing. Almost as if he was a powerful corporate executive, and not a simple repairman. He smelled like yacht wax and expensive gin.

It wasn’t long before he was typing away at my server rack’s keyboard. I was getting turned on watching him, since I’ve always had the hots for nerds that have worked hard in spin class to acquire a hard body. He one was no exception. Feeling adventurous, I decided to have a little fun. I went back to my car to get my gym bag. I quickly put on my shortest skirt with no panties underneath.

I then strolled back into the server room, showing off my shapely legs. I felt his eyes upon me as I “accidentally” knocked one of his Oracle DBA manuals off the counter. Apologizing for my clumsiness, I bent over to pick it up and let him get a good look at my firm, round ass and bare slit.

No words needed to be spoken. Still crouched on the floor, he slid one hand up my thigh. Just the touch of his fingers started warming up my cache. I moaned with desire as he probed my hash table. I couldn’t resist when he pulled me onto his face. His tongue darted quickly in and out as he gingerly rubbed my most private workspace. I pushed myself hard onto his face as his tongue went all the way in. Grinding my hips, I orgasmed with such an intensity that I thought he’d drown in my juices. Instead he eagerly licked my heap file and remarked about how good I tasted.

By that time, he was so hard that I thought his member would rip right through his slacks. I almost tore his underwear off in my eagerness to get to that throbbing piece of meat. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I finally freed him and saw that thick rod of pure manhood.

It took a few minutes for me to get all of his log down my throat, but I finally did. I sucked him down and deep-throated him and gave him a handjob for about 30 minutes before his moaning told me he was about to commit the transaction. I quickened my pace, anticipating my reward, and then he came with a shudder.

We rested for only a few minutes and then I went to work getting him hard again. I positioned myself over his manhood and slid down on it. He entered me, and I swear I had never had such a long column in me before. I was going out of my mind! Beads of sweat were dripping off my forehead as I looked upward. He was driving me wild! Talk about an inner join! I wriggled on his driver and our hips moved together furiously until we both came concurrently.

Afterwards we quickly cleaned up. I asked whether he was going to finish the upgrade on my system. He said no and immediately left.

Two weeks letter I got the invoice. Larry charged me full price even though he never finished the job.